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260(W) x 303(H)x 360(D)mm   DC Motor Power 27W
Resolution XY-0.005mm, Z-0.00125     Weight 24Kg
Computerized electronic automobile key cutting machine
MIRACLE A9 is a all-in-one key cutting and duplicating machine.  Its embedded 7-inch touch screen eases the machine use dramatically. Thanks to the built-in decoder and key reading capability, it's the machine that is suitable for key duplicating as well as creating key from bitting.

About Miracle A9
- Embedded 7-inch touch controller
- Equipped with both decoder and cutter
- Tilting screen
- Various types of key cutting supported
- Replaceable clamp
- Automatic key measurement
- Barcode scanning
- Wide and brighter LED light
- Equipped with two spindle belts
- High power 27W DC motor with 24VDC
- Faster cut speed
- Communication via USB
- Portable

How to use
1. Key selection          2. preparation                 3. Cut                        4. Complete

Embedded 7-inch touch controller
Embedded 7-inch touch controller offers easier
key cutting capability with graphical user interface.

Equipped with both decoder and cutter
Quick and easy duplication of key is available.

Tilting screen
Tilting screen ensures easier touch screen use. It tilts from 30° to 84°.

Various types of key cutting supported
- Automobile key (including ford tibbe)
- Dimple key
- Single-sided domestic key
- Tubular key

Replaceable vise
Various kinds of replaceable clamps are available for easy key cutting.
Automobile key clamp
Dimple key clamp


           Tubular key clamp                    Single-sided domestic key clamp

Automatic key measurement
Key thickness
Key tip position


                                        Key center position

Barcode scanning
Barcode scanning feature enables easy key profile selection and loading of the cut key.

Wide and brighter LED light
- Bright LED light helps easy machine use at night.
- Long life-span thanks to LED.

Spindle driven by two spindle belts
Supplied with two spindle belts to ensure
high-torque key cutting without loss of cutting speed.




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